Building Information Modeling (BIM)



BIM and 3-D CAD are Dynalectric Colorado's specialties. The fact is, our use of BIM technology to deliver heavy construction projects and our ability to provide access to more than 300 EMCOR BIM professionals sets us apart in this increasingly essential arena.

With over 250 full-time 3-D and BIM-enabled Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) detailers, and over 300 3-D/BIM projects completed in the last three years, our experience is second to none.

BIM, 3-D CAD, Pre-construction, and Facility Management

Using our BIM and CAD tools and expertise, we collaborate seamlessly with other project team members and trades, share vital information, and create (and update) optimum solutions early in – and throughout – the process.

By utilizing BIM with other trades, our electricians efficiently install the product right the first time in a timely and efficient manner.

All of this means we can cost-effectively deliver the fast-track construction projects you need to stay competitive in today's challenging marketplace.

We have seen firsthand that utilizing BIM helps enhance performance, provide greater predictability, improve schedule management, and reduce cost.

Our BIM and 3-D CAD services include:

  • Auto CAD expertise.
  • Navisworks expertise.
  • Revit expertise.
  • pipe designer software.
  • full compliance with your BIM requirements.
  • coordination kick-off meetings.
  • coordination requests.
  • FTP sites.
  • supplier/purchase commitments and related resources.

Contact us today and let us put our BIM and 3-D CAD experience to work for you.