EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award - Individual Excellence

Lavell Flamon–Safety Award_350x263.jpgLavell Flamon, Field Supervisor at Dynalectric Colorado, earned the 2021 EMCOR Group Individual Safety Excellence Award for his commitment to safety while working at the Denver Art Museum.

The 146,000-square-foot museum features one-of-a-kind geometric architecture and is filled with priceless art, adding significant difficulty to the fire alarm replacement Lavell and his team completed. During the project, Lavell demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, helping to ensure the safety of his team, building occupants, and the museum’s collection.

The project included erecting and working on scaffolding structures throughout the facility’s galleries, stairwells, and more. Lavell worked closely with a custom scaffolding vendor to develop Task Specific Plans for each location and conducted Safety Task Assessments (STAs), daily toolbox talks, and weekly safety huddles. In an effort to create spaces for feedback, Lavell sought input from every crew member to hear their perspectives on the project’s potential hazards and evaluate STAs.

On several occasions, art had to be relocated to protect it from damage. While completing these moves, Lavell ensured his team was rested and alert, no matter the time of day, and maintained a high level of communication with museum staff. He coordinated the deployment of man lifts and boom lifts, ensuring proper training, care, use, and storage of all on-site equipment.

Along with the fire alarm replacement, a heat trace identifier was also completed which required precarious work on the museum’s uneven angled roof. Lavell developed a thorough Safe Work Procedure and Fall Protection Plan and vetted it with museum staff, to account for the unique design of the roof as well as additional hazards caused by winter weather. As an added step, the project’s Safety Manager was brought in to conduct a job walk with the crew to carefully assess the plan and all anchor points.

Lavell’s dedication to safety procedures while working in this high-profile, sensitive environment make him more than deserving of this recognition.